February 25th, 2022 | Commercial scale UMACK anchor represents geotechnical breakthrough

UMACK anchor ready for deployment

The first commercial scale UMACK anchor has completed pre-deployment checks at CorPower’s facility in Viana do Castelo port, northern Portugal.

Developed in a European consortium, the innovative UMACK technology represents a geotechnical breakthrough allowing 4-5 times higher vertical load capacity compared to a standard monopile of the same size.

This may enable efficient low-cost anchoring for offshore structures  across sectors such as wave & tidal energy, floating wind and aquaculture.  The pioneering anchor solution will first be deployed with CorPower’s C4 Wave Energy Converter at the Agucadoura site, part of the flagship HiWave-5 Project.

It has been dimensioned to provide more than 15MN of vertical holding capacity, and resist hundred million load cycles. With on-land tests complete, the UMACK anchor is ready to be installed into the seabed using a rapid, low-noise vibratory driving technique assisted by Diseko equipment. Maersk Supply Services take us to the sea! 

BIG thanks to our UMACK partners Ternan Energy, Dieseko Group BV, University of Dundee, TTI Marine Renewables LTD, EMEC, Fraunhofer IWES, Leibniz Universität Hannover and Sustainable Marine.